Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shop Smart!

There are a few tricks that I use to shop frugally.  It can add up really quick.

1.  Before you go to a store, check out and see if you can print out a coupon.  They also have discount codes if you are shopping online. 
2.  If you are about to go grocery shopping, or to a superstore, check out  She will have a list of everything that is on sale for most of the local stores and the coupons that match the deal(for extra savings!)  She will also have links to print out coupons.
3.  Before you visit a website, sign in through and often times you will get a percent of your purchase back in cash!  Just look up the store's name up top, and it will show you what coupons or codes are available.  Click there, or just click "shop now."
4.  Price check.  I always check and for prices when I see something on sale at another website.  Sometimes that "great deal" you think you're about to get isn't that great.

A few minutes of planning before you shop can make a lot of dollars' difference!
Happy Shopping!

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