Thursday, November 3, 2011

Frugal Christmas Shopping

If you're like me and you have a big family, Christmas can cost a fortune.  If you shop smart and know a few little tricks, it doesn't have to put you in debt.  Here are a few ways that you can get great gifts for everyone and still be able to feed your family.

1.  Start early.  Throughout the year I read blogs and watch for deals that will work for people in my family.  For the person that you never know what to get, so you usually end up getting some Christmas doo-hickey, buy it on clearance after Christmas for the following one.  They won't know the difference.  Promise. 
2.  Regift.   If your child recieves two of the same gift for his or her birthday, put in in a hiding place and you'll probably come up with someone to give it to next Christmas or for their Birthday.  Regifting isn't cheap, it's smart.....just don't give your size 16 Aunt Sally your regifted size 2 sweater.  Also, if someone gives you a gift card to a place that you don't care for, just use it later to buy someone on your list a gift.
3.  Make it.  If you are creative enough, and have a account, you can find a million different beautiful things that someone would love to own.  (Oh, how I love pinterest.)
4.  Do surveys.  I do surveys when I have a few spare minutes to earn Christmas money, which I redeem in gift cards.,, are a few of the sites I use.  I have over $60 sitting in my account, waiting on just the right deal to come along, which brings me to my next idea....
5.  Cyber Monday.  I usually have to work on Black Friday, and I don't like big crowds of angry shoppers, so I opt for the awesome cyber monday deals.  I usually look for the ones with free shipping. 
6.  Shop at home.  Before you go to your favorite website to do a little shopping, go to and see what they have to offer.  Often times they offer a % cash back on your purchases or have codes you can use for discounts. 
7.  Groupon!  Using groupons is a great way to get good deals at stores you would be shopping anyway and also finding new cool stores to shop.  Often times the deals are 50% off.  Click here to sign up for awesome deals.  Living social is pretty much the same deal.  Sign up here:

Hopefully this will keep you from selling your kidneys so that you can spread the Christmas cheer.

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